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Asian Talent to Japan.


TARC introduces you to Japanese companies seeking global talent.
If you hope to work in Japan, please follow the guidance below to register.
To find a job that matches your major and career, please provide accurate information in as much detail as possible.


Tokyo Asia Relation Channel is a project by experts in Japanese language education and international recruitment.

The goal of our project is to match people who aim for Japan with Japanese work.

Currently, our focus is on matching of the engineers and the companies in IT related field in Tokyo, and we are gradually expanding the genre to other engineering sectors.

For foreign talents to work in Japan, Japanese language skills and intercultural communication for mutual understanding are important. So we support candidates in cooperation with Japanese language education institutions in South Asian countries.

We will create work opportunities through online joint briefing sessions and online interviews aimed at introducing engineering candidates to Japanese companies.


The average age of Japanese nationals is about to exceed of 50 year old. Japan is the country of the most aging population in the world with the serious declining birthrate. In the environment, it is a major issue for the nation to secure human resources for the future industry.

Japan is known as an advanced engineering country. As the shortage of human resources becomes more serious, engineers with advanced knowledge and skills have great opportunities, especially in IT sector. Foreign talents with practical Japanese language ability are expected to play the role in Japanese companies.

If you want to get engaged in Japan related works, please register on this page.


Introducing a case of a candidate from India under the TARC program. She came to Japan through the TARC program and is now working in the ICT Department of a Japanese general trading company. You can get an image of the job-hunting process from the report that was created by the candidate.


Job Matching Process

We provide employment opportunities in Japanese companies for foreign candidates mainly in the engineering field. Recruiters will examine your information and offer an online interview first if you are interested. Please refer to the process map below.

Online Internship

The program is for Freshers who have no work experience. Recruiters at companies need a certain period of time to decide to hire new graduates. An internship will be held within one month by connecting to a Japanese workplace from your country via the Internet. You basically won’t get paid for an internship, but it's a great opportunity to get a job.

Candidate membership registration

Recruiters view the content

Interview online (usually multiple times)

Optional online internship (Freshers only)

Recruitment decision

Visa procedure (company or TARC will apply on your behalf)

Joined the company